After the initial success of paid advertising, we started to dig deeper into the campaigns that we launched for Windsor Interiors and saw an opportunity to maximise the success, and increase the conversion rate from clicks into sales. We ascertained that there was a lack of information on the current website available to the potential customer, which made it much more unlikely that they would be inspired to pursue a brand-new kitchen or bathroom.

Old Website New Website
Windsor Interior’s previous website offered the customer no way to engage with the amazing goods and services that they offer, so we agreed to create a brand-new website to compile a photographed catalogue of their products and customer kitchens/bathrooms that they have fitted. We completely overhauled and re-designed their website (click here to view it), so that it is now visually orientated, user-friendly and intuitive to navigate.


We have expanded their image gallery from four examples of their kitchens, to a comprehensive overview of the more than one hundred ranges and installations that Windsor Interiors offer. Our radical transformation of the website has not only improved it’s aesthetic qualities, but also redefined its purpose as a tool to help people make the transition from seeing their paid digital advertising to selecting Windsor Interiors offering, and see first-hand what they can do for their home.


(See how we gained a 4,817% return on investment for Windsor Interiors by clicking here.)

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