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We work right alongside you to create a website that imparts your values, tells your story and showcases your products or services in a way that your customers can’t ignore!

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In this digital world forward-thinking is essential, but having a poor website can be as bad as having no website at all!


If you want to make an impact in the digital world, you have to consider the user experience. That means a well thought through customer journey that guides you through the website, presenting a visitor with all the answers.

At SOS Marketing, we create websites that are not only visually stunning but are conversion rate optimised to deliver results. This special care ensures that your marketing spend maximises the return on investment. And with 81% of transactions starting online, by not delivering an enjoyable website experience it will cost you sales!

The most accessible advertising campaigns drive new traffic to your website, making a fully functional website a vital element in any effective marketing strategy.

Are you looking for a company for Web Design Leeds?

Taking a mobile-first approach, we create websites that will blow away your competition… winning you sales, on repeat!

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we build websites across a wide range of sectors. With our well-seasoned team that have many years of experience, this puts us in the position to be best placed to deliver a website bespoke to your requirements.

Our prolific websites do more than present information. They represent the spirit of your brand to potential customers, delivering a dynamic digital experience.

SOS Marketing is here to rescue your business from the clutches of a generic and clunky online presence. With a website that will drive you to the finish line, time after time.

Are you ready for grow time? Get in touch! We are always happy to put together a free proposal, with no obligation to splash the cash.

Who are SOS Marketing?

SOS Marketing is a creative melting pot of knowledge and experience, with a no-nonsense approach in helping businesses thrive. And by thrive, we mean absolutely smash it.

Building relationships that last and providing support at every step of the digital journey; that’s what we’re all about.

We’re a fearless independent full-service digital marketing agency, bursting with energy. You won’t find any large corporate agency ego here, where you would be lost in a sea of clients. That means we can be the extension to your team that you need, without the in-house hassle.

Sharp – Original – Supportive. This is our big picture thinking.


Rather than taking our word for it, here are some examples of websites that we have built…

Portfolio of Websites

Portfolio of Websites







How does our process work as a web design agency Leeds?
At the initial stage, it’s where we dig deep into your vision for the website. We will be asking a number of questions to fact find, such as: What is the purpose of this site? Is there a specific look and feel that you have in mind? What individual pages do you want to include on the website? With all of this information, it then allows us to put together a proposal with costs for the project.
Plan (Content & On-Site SEO)
We always work on a clear plan for the website, which includes producing engaging content with the relevant keywords and planned with a structure for SEO.
Build from Design & Development
Optimised for SEO and always responsive, we ensure websites are built with a mobile-first approach. Always producing designs that will keep you one step ahead of the competition!
Post-Build (Hosting & Maintenance)
We offer a number of packages to host your website on our server, allowing your website to be visible on the internet.

Maintenance is essential once the website has been built as it is vital that you keep on top of your website, avoiding any glitches/issues and enhancing the user experience at all times. Maintenance ensures your website is running efficiently and effectively month upon month! Websites that are not regularly maintained can also become an issue for security, being open to cyber-attacks.
So what do you get with our
Web Design Leeds & Web Development Leeds?


An expertly designed website built with the ideal blend of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), therefore your website will be attractively designed and user-friendly.


A functioning website with functionality bespoke to your requirements, which will be determined during the brief. This includes implementing any relevant code to ensure your website is fully functioning.


A completely customised website on WordPress, built to the specifications.


A fully operational website on all devices, including, desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile-First Approach

Today, over 50% of website views come from people using their mobile phones. This massively informs how we will build the site, keeping the mobile version at the forefront of our design specifications to ensure that the website is optimised for mobile browsing (as well as desktops).


For the security of your website, we’ll integrate an SSL Certificate that will certify the website as safe and secure, giving you the authenticating green padlock in every search bar. We will also implement all the other relevant systems and software (although websites do need to be regularly maintained each month after the build to ensure it is kept safe and secure).


An accustomed user-friendly content-management system, on WordPress will enable you to log-in and add/edit content. We can easily customise this for your requirements.


We will set up all the analytics for the website traffic, enabling you to view statistics of visitors to the website. With the large majority favouring Google Analytics. This can be a great boon in helping you to know your visitors and understand their needs better.


If required, we will create a fully functioning online shop that allows you to take payments directly through your website. This includes a customer login section for the benefit of your loyal returning customers.


We’re with you every step of the way, supporting you on the journey. Making life easy, and removing any stress from the process.
Why is a website important to your business?

Let’s face it, in today’s world a website is a fundamental part of any business looking to make a profit. Can you think of a successful brand that doesn’t have a website? Of course not!

That being said… A bad website can be detrimental to your success, and just be as bad as having no website at all.

We’ve dived head first into our two top reasons – Why is a website is important to your business?

Branding: Creating Your Identity

Branding your website will separate you from the competitions… and win you sales! You should want to stand out in the crowd, with a clear identity that customers love. Websites are your central digital hub, and the most important tool in your arsenal. They will form the foundation of your brand identity, and ensure customers come back time and time again.

Having a bad website? Let’s not go there.


If you aren’t online, you will be massively missing out on the potential of sales! Websites are the modern-day shop window, with 51% of UK consumers preferring to shop online rather than in-store.


Website Maintenance? It’s like a car – Imagine buying one. You’ll clean it, put air in the tyres, top it up with oil, take it for a service and renew the annual MOT. Why? Because every time you get in it you want to make sure that it is going to run perfectly and not breakdown. Well, it’s exactly the same with websites. You need to ensures your website is running efficiently and effectively month upon month, and not left open to cyber-attack.


We know our statements are bold. So don’t just take it from us…


We know our statements are bold. So don’t just take it from us…
“Scott has managed to get our brand out there to more customers. We were then able to look after them, and have the best 12 months on record since starting the business. I would highly recommend SOS Marketing, and hopefully they can help you like they have helped us.”
Core Financial
“SOS Marketing got us out of a bad situation when our previous website went down with no warning. They met with me, listening to my criteria and needs, took an understanding of my business and created a perfect new website. I cannot recommend Scott more, thank you!”
“Scott approached us to help grow the business via creating sales leads from social media. 6 months in and SOS Marketing has delivered exactly that, producing extra revenue for the business. All that I can say is give SOS Marketing a chance. The results will speak for themselves.”






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