From Plain Boring And Blah To Brilliant and Unbeatable - We Build Winning Web Designs That Boost Your Brand, Supercharge Sales, and Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More!

If you’re struggling to keep your head above water in this dynamic and demanding digitally driven world – SOS Marketing will help you to win your customers’ hearts, minds… AND, wallets with a website design that packs a powerful punch… and then some!

Shall we work together? Let’s do this!


There’s no flailing around in the shallow end for us, it’s all about going for gold from the get-go!

That’s why we’re passionate about working closely with you to craft watertight world-class websites that:

  • allow your brand identity to shine
  • tell your unique story
  • signal your values, loud and clear
  • showcase your products or services in a way that your customers find absolutely irresistible
  • convert like crazy (well, crazy in the right way!)
  • and, leave your competition behind… so long, suckers!


If you’re questioning the need for a killer website – STOP, NOW! Your website is often your customers’ first impression of your brand, so make it count.

Remember, a bad website is just as crappy as having no website at all! Don’t waste this golden opportunity to tell your story, showcase your products and services and hook your customers.

At SOS (the web design agency Leeds loves!) we create websites that are not only jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but ones that carefully consider the customer’s experience throughout every step of their online journey.

Our main aim is two basic, but BIG factors to ensure success:

  1. Giving you the most bang for your buck!
  2. Ensuring you get a real, ravishing, and risk-free return on investment – in other words… ROI’s that rock, baby!


A seamless, intuitive and cleverly designed user experience makes navigating your website like a walk in the park – or a dip in a deliciously refreshing pool! It presents a visitor to the website with all the answers, none of the fuss, and every reason to invest in your brand. Now – that’s a digital no-brainer wouldn’t you agree?

A whopping 81% of transactions kick off online, so if you deliver a less-than-stellar experience there’s no way Karen’s going to keep clicking or Bob’s going to want to browse!

When it comes to website design Leeds, we pride ourselves on being versatile and adaptable! Whether you prefer us to build a website that is templated, or you want to blow the competition out of the water with a sophisticated bespoke beauty – we’re the team! From the first splash to the last stroke, we’ll make your digital ambitions come true.

Grab your goggles, slip into your speedos and get ready, set… GO – we’ve got a winning website to whip up!

Who are SOS Marketing?

We’re a creative melting pot of knowledge and experience, with a no-nonsense approach in helping businesses thrive. And by thrive, we mean absolutely smash it!

Building relationships that last and providing support at every step of the digital journey: that’s what we’re all about!

We’re a fearless independent full-service digital marketing agency, bursting with energy.

You won’t find any large corporate agency ego here, where you will be lost in a sea of clients! That means we can be the extension to your team that you need, without the in-house hassle.

Sharp – Original – Supportive: This is our big picture thinking!


Rather than taking our word for it, here are some examples of websites that we have built…

Portfolio of Websites

Portfolio of Websites








Our precision process as a web design agency Leeds

As the web design agency Leeds relies on for impressive results, SOS Marketing has a customer-focused process to cater for all sectors, and types of products or services – so we’ve streamlined a process to accommodate your growing brand for the long term…

We design functional and attractive digital storefronts to grab your potential customer’s attention!

The Process for Website Design and Development

A deep dive into THE BRIEF

No two businesses are exactly the same. So, no two websites should be exactly the same. That’s why in the initial stage, we’ll explore your goals, hopes and dreams!

We’ll need your feedback on: the purpose of the site and specific look & feel, as well as the individual pages you require. Armed with all this critical information, we can put together a proposal and quote for the project. SOS is 100% committed to taking Leeds website design to the next level!

We love it when a PLAN comes together (including, CONTENT & ON-SITE SEO)

We always work with a crystal-clear plan for the website. This includes producing compelling and captivating content with the relevant keywords and structure to fully optimise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Customers buy with their eyes, so visual appeal is a huge drawcard for websites!

Whether it’s the layout, text, graphical elements, photos or videos – we want visitors to your website to be blown away! That’s why we give them something sensational to look at, easy to use and highly responsive.

We work with you to ensure the highest quality design elements are incorporated to make your brand come alive.

Our expert content writers at SOS, your web design agency Leeds will ensure your site is optimised for SEO - and designed with a mobile-first approach, with all the functionality you require!

POST-BUILD piece de resistance (or as we like to call it, HOSTING & MAINTENANCE)

Now that we’ve secured you some snazzy real estate on “Plaza del Interwebs”, we can’t leave you hanging!

We’re hosting – you bring the cheese, and we’ve got the wine…

We offer a range of versatile packages to host your website on our server, giving your website a dynamic digital presence.

As with most things in life like houses and cars… oh, and websites – upkeep is everything! Website Maintenance is the magic sauce that ensures your website functions optimally once it has been built. As your trusted web design agency Leeds providers, we’ll manage the user experience at all times by ensuring you avoid glitches or issues.

Websites that aren’t regularly maintained can become a serious security risk, being wide open to cyber-attacks. Sound online maintenance guarantees your website is running efficiently and effectively month after month! Whether you’re just embarking on your business or you’re an old hand at building a brand – the last thing you need to worry about is website woes. Let your web design Leeds experts give you complete peace of mind!

So, what do you get with our Web Design Leeds & Web Development Leeds?

Dynamic Design

All our websites are expertly built with the potent combination of exceptional user experience (UX), and outstanding user interface (UI) for superb visual appeal. If your website is not easy to use and not drop-dead gorgeous, then we’re not doing it right… you need web design Leeds that’s AMAZING, and we’re here to give it to you!

DEVELOPMENT, that does your brand proud

As your go-to choice for cutting-edge websites, we’re the web design agency in Leeds to turn to for guaranteed top-notch results! We’ll work closely with you from the very start to ensure every aspect of your website fulfils your unique requirements. It’s this 100% collaborative approach to interpreting the brief that allows us to develop a seamless and sleek website with full functionality. This could include features, such as, animations, dynamic forms for lead generation, integrations with APIs and so much more.

Compelling CUSTOMISATION (or Tantalising TEMPLATES)

When it comes to being the web design agency Leeds businesses trust to craft customised websites on WordPress, built to their individual specifications – SOS Marketing is well known for their wizardry with WordPress! We also offer the latest in elegant templated websites, if that’s what our client desires from Leeds website design.

Did you know that WordPress is the most widely used software for the design and development of websites, in the world? Being an open-source platform, WordPress allows for full customisation from design to development with almost limitless possibilities.

Our expert website developers know the intricate ins and outs of WordPress, so which option will you choose to supercharge your website? Excited? So are we!

RESPONSIVE, and ready for action

You want a website that… well, works (not matter what) – don’t you? You want a website that’s agile, and fully operational on all devices – whether it’s desktops, mobile phones or tablets! And you know what? We can build you one!


Today, would you believe it that over 50% of website users originate from mobile phones? Off course you do, it’s 2023 after all. In fact, chances are you’re viewing this very website from your phone! SOS Marketing, the web design Leeds experts are maestros at building mobile-first websites. This means that we keep the mobile version at the forefront to ensure its firstly optimised for mobile browsing (and then desktops).

SECURITY, an SOS priority

If you want a safe website, you’ve come to the right place… At SOS, we’re taking cyber safety super seriously!

We want our clients to sleep easy, knowing their website is fully protected against threats – and that no website design Leeds will be left to chance!

Websites that we host always include a fully integrated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, which certifies it as safe and secure: ensuring your website will have the authenticating padlock in every search bar, as well as protecting your customers through encryption.

Moreover, we take a pro-active approach with implementing any other relevant software to ensure your website is fully up-to-date – and protected against cyber-attacks. However, regular Website Maintenance each month after the build is essential. Providing total peace of mind for our customers from start to finish is a priority, as Leeds website design specialists.

CMS… it’s all about you

Websites aren’t static… well they shouldn’t be should they!?!. They need to evolve and develop, as your business does – and that’s exactly why we choose the user-friendly content-management system (CMS) of WordPress – which will enable you to log in and add/edit content. We can easily customise this to your unique requirements, giving your brand every chance to thrive!

ANALYTICS… playing the numbers game

The old adage of “the numbers don’t lie” is especially true in the digital age! All our websites come with basic set-up for Google Analytics to track the data of visitors. These all-important statistics will enable you to understand these visitors, and anticipating their needs better.

E-COMMERCE excellence

We want your customers to say: “Shut up and take my money”! That’s why we create e-commerce websites using WordPress platform WooCommerce… make paying for products or services a doddle! So, if you are wanting to sell online – we’ll create a fully functioning shop, allowing you to take payments directly through your website.

SUPPORT – we’ve got your back!

You know what they say – teamwork makes the dream work! As a dedicated web design agency Leeds has come to know and trust – we’re passionate about your journey. From start to finish, SOS Marketing values getting to know you, your brand and your business! We’re with you every step of the way making life easy, ensuring the entire process is seamless, stress-free and it all goes SWIMMINGLY.

Why is a well-constructed website crucial to your business?

Let’s face it, in today’s world websites are fundamental. In fact, can you think of a successful brand that doesn’t have a website? Of course not!

But here’s the thing… there are 1000s upon 1000s of websites that are boring, bland and just plain “blegh”. Then there are those that are as just irresistibly alluring!

In a world of vapid vanilla – why not be ravishing raspberry ripple, with added sprinkles on top?

Your website is your digital shopfront, so let SOS Marketing (the web design agency Leeds brands LOVE) build a website that rolls out the red carpet to welcome your customers in!

Let’s take a deep dive into THE TOP 3 REASONS your business needs a website:


Branding is the beating heart of your brand!


What is your brand? What is your unique identity?

As the website design Leeds experts, SOS Marketing understands that your website is the central hub of the digital world – so it plays a majooorrrr role in establishing what you represent as a brand.

A unique website should establish itself as the foundation to any brand, with the identity enabling you to stand out from your competition.

From the use of colour to text, graphical elements, photos or videos – a cohesive, and seamless approach to branding turns customers into advocates… leaving them clamouring for more!

Sink, or Swim? DON’T choose a website that’s dead in the water!


Who amongst us hasn’t immediately searched their ‘favourite’ new product or service… only to be confounded by the fact they don’t have a website? It feels weird! Right?

Having an effective web design is the ultimate opportunity to make an impression! DO NOT BLOW IT!

But, fear not, we’ll help you… every step of the way!

Chances are there are several providers offering a similar product or service to yours, so you need to build trust to win the sale. A potential customer wants to know you’re the real deal. They also want peace of mind that you’re offering quality and reliability. Your website is the perfect chance to give them the reassurance, and information they want.

Without a website, you’re a ghost – maybe not a spooky scary one, but an invisible one at that! Oh, and if you’re not visible on search engines consumers may question your legitimacy. It’s as simple as that… but that’s for another day, or head to our pages for PPC & SEO!


To the people of the web design Leeds world and beyond (in other words, everyone in the whole universe), we want to ask you a simple question… If you aren’t online, what the heck are you doing? You ARE massively missing out on sales!

Websites are THE modern-day shop window, with 51% of UK consumers preferring to shop online rather than in-store! So, whether you’ve got a retail business that has a brick-and-mortar store and you’re eager to get online or you’re already hustling online and want to rev up your revenue – we’ve got you!

HOWEVER… if you want a website only your mum will love, you’re in the wrong place!




It’s like a car – Imagine buying one. You’ll clean it, put air in the tyres, top it up with oil, take it for a service and renew the annual MOT.

Why? Because every time you get in it you want to make sure that it is going to run perfectly and not breakdown!

Well, it’s exactly the same with websites. You need to ensures your website is running efficiently and effectively month upon month, and not left open to cyber-attack!

SOS Marketing Theme Image in Square Shape with line design


We know our statements are bold. So don’t just take it from us…

SOS Marketing Theme Image in Square Shape with line design


We know our statements are bold. So don’t just take it from us…

“Scott has managed to get our brand out there to more customers. We were then able to look after them, and have the best 12 months on record since starting the business. I would highly recommend SOS Marketing, and hopefully they can help you like they have helped us.”
Core Financial
“SOS Marketing got us out of a bad situation when our previous website went down with no warning. They met with me, listening to my criteria and needs, took an understanding of my business and created a perfect new website. I cannot recommend Scott more, thank you!”
“Scott approached us to help grow the business via creating sales leads from social media. 6 months in and SOS Marketing has delivered exactly that, producing extra revenue for the business. All that I can say is give SOS Marketing a chance. The results will speak for themselves.”





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