The Vintage Boutique must-visit store is a massive curated collection of retro clothing, records, books, furniture, collectables, antiques, artwork and lighting, particularly drawing inspiration from the iconic fashion eras of the 1960s to 1980s, as well as specialising in appraising antiques and Art Deco.

The Project

Vintage Boutique recently opened its doors to Hyde Park in Leeds, and SOS Marketing were tasked with launching the store to market. This involved setting up and building a strategy for social media, as well as building a website that aligned with the identity of Vintage Boutique.


The Solution

SOS Marketing has been there every step of the way to launch the store to market. Building their presence on social media from the ground upwards, focused around showing off the best retro finds and establishing an affable tone that suits the unique charm of Vintage Boutique.

We developed a website that equally catered to their taste for aesthetic pleasure and also provides a comprehensive overview of the many different vintage products they have to offer. To bolster the textual information, we created an interactive page which includes a virtual tour of the store to help create a more vivid vision of what to expect and to impress a potential customer of the sheer diversity of wares and effervescent atmosphere of visiting Vintage Boutique.



In just six months we have expanded their following on Facebook from 0 to 450+ likes, and their Instagram account has increased from 0 to 2,000+ followers. This incredible growth has been achieved entirely without paid advertising, instead utilising their strong brand image and interesting content to create organic engagement and generate a steady increase of business enquiries.

We built a website that is modern, user-friendly and designed for UI.


“Good service and great to deal with.”

Hedley Manton – Owner of Vintage Boutique

Vintage Boutique

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