The Mortgage Factory was established in 2007, utilising their knowledge of the mortgage market to streamline the arduous process of getting a mortgage. More than a decade since then, they have grown their business into a sea of thousands of clients with their excellent customer service and keen attention to detail.

The Project

Our goal with The Mortgage Factory was to expand their loyal local customer base, built on the foundations of happy customers giving recommendations and referrals. By implementing a digital SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy, we can drive this process forward on a national scale.


The Process

Initially we focused on improving the on-site SEO, optimising the meta data and title structures, as well as auditing content on relevant pages. Once this was all tweaked and implemented, we moved onto the off-site SEO, focused on building links with authoritative domains – an approach that is greatly rewarded by search engines.



With this strategy, in just three months we elevated their website from not being visible to the first page of Google in 8th position for their targeted keyword of “remortgage advice”.

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