Stoneacre Properties are an estate agent that specialise in sales and letting, based in Leeds. They are driven by an ethos that puts customer care and a personable approach at the centre of their business strategy - and this is precisely how we manage our client connections at SOS Marketing!

Stoneacre Properties aim to go against the grain, and prioritise the relationship between the customer and the real people that make their company work.

We customised their latest campaign to centralise their outstanding customer service, as the clinching factor that set Stoneacre Properties apart and make them the estate agents for you. The campaign slogan, “You will be SOLD! on our service!” emphasises that unlike most estate agents, the process of successfully buying or selling a property with Stoneacre is only part of their satisfaction guarantee and the exceptional interpersonal skills of their team are what ensure that Stoneacre Properties will be your go-to estate agent in Leeds from then onwards.

We understand the deep importance of humanization in all aspects of the business, and putting the faces and the people of Stoneacre at the forefront of their brand is a goal that we are incredibly well-equipped to achieve. In order to make the most of the warm and friendly vibe of the branches and its team, we decided to make them the focal point of the company’s media presence. You can see for yourself the pride that they take in guiding others through their property journey, and the individual people and personalities that make up the business

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