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In such a digital-driven climate, can you really afford to not be maximising the opportunities with engaging content and targeted paid advertising on social media?​ SOS Marketing will build a strategy to elevate your game, drive loyalty… and increase sales!

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In today’s digital world where social media rules, making waves takes more than random success!

If you want to be part of the bigger picture, you’ve got to create scroll-stopping content that gets results. Customers should live and breathe your brand, forever wanting more!

At SOS Marketing, we’ve helped our clients achieve the kind of success that takes their business ambitions to the next level. This is non-stop, never resting on your laurels kind of creativity blended with savvy paid advertising. Because in a digital world where social media rules, making waves takes more than random success. And that means breaking from the pack, not just replicating what others are doing.

Let’s face it, social media is saturated at the best of times… and that’s why a social media strategy done properly is non-negotiable, isn’t it?

We’re the agency to build a strategy that aims to increase your bottom line, and make you the indisputable captains of your industry.

Are you looking for a Social Media Agency Leeds?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for success across social media, which is why a bespoke approach is ESSENTIAL to capture the attention of your target market.

We support businesses across multiple industries for paid advertising or content marketing, OR the ideal blend of both for an optimum strategy.

We are never about just ticking generic boxes and keeping an account ticking over with the same un-engaged audience!

SOS Marketing will craft a presence for your business that takes you outside of the box, and into the spotlight. With a sharp sense of trends and an original mindset, all our campaigns feel fresh and of the moment, ensuring your business makes a sizeable impact. It’s a journey, and we’re on it with you every step of the way from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube.

Do you want to get results? Take a look at how we can help through paid advertising and content marketing…

Types of Social Media

Content Marketing

Content that is published onto the feed, appearing for users that are scrolling on the platform usually only at that moment in time! These are predominately delivered to users who already follow the account, and not users through targeting.

Paid Advertising

Content that appears on the feed as adverts while a user is scrolling on the platform! These are tailored to users through the intelligent targeting options, based on their individual historic behaviour across the internet and social media as well as their purchase history with said brand.

Who are SOS Marketing?

SOS Marketing is a creative melting pot of knowledge and experience, with a no-nonsense approach in helping businesses thrive. And by thrive, we mean absolutely smash it.

Building relationships that last and providing support at every step of the digital journey; that’s what we’re all about.

We’re a fearless independent full-service digital marketing agency, bursting with energy. You won’t find any large corporate agency ego here, where you would be lost in a sea of clients. That means we can be the extension to your team that you need, without the in-house hassle.

Sharp – Original – Supportive. This is our big picture thinking.


Rather than taking our word for it, here are some examples of websites that we have built…









How does our process work as a social media management company?
At SOS Marketing we have a tried and true process of bringing you to the forefront of social media! We build a bespoke strategy for every client we take on board, considering the brand, objectives, industry and target market. Once we have developed a comprehensive plan, we waste no time in executing your refreshed identity across social media. Some agencies would call that the end of the service, but at SOS Marketing we are perfectionists so see that as only the start. We will garner data from your new and improved account activities and analyse it through reporting, so we can ensure your presence is optimised to do the most for your brand.
What’s included with the best local social media agency Leeds?


A successful marketing plan is one with an objective, and that’s exactly why we create goals so that we can ensure the objective that has been set out is sustainable. We’ll ensure these goals are SMART: Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Timely, and by doing so they will be reached!

Market Research

We always take the time to be aware of what your competition are doing, and from this analyse how we can work to destabilise the market. It’s not about replicating what they are doing, but we’ll take these learnings to better your strategy. This will also enable us to identify how your business can solve a problem.

Identify your Avatar

Once we understand the market research, we’ll identify what your ideal customer looks like – defining their demographics, such as, income, occupation, lifestyle, interests, age and gender. We may also look at taking it a step further by identifying questions, such as, are your customers: Leaders or Followers? Traditional or Modern? Introverts or Extroverts? All of this insight means we’ll completely understand how to market to your target market most effectively!

SWOT Analysis:

Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats
This situation analysis helps us to understand what strategy should be implemented, and what value you offer so that you can stand out amongst the competition. Once we have identified your position, we can also work on strengthening your weaknesses, maximising the opportunities and curtailing the threats.


This is the big picture game plan on how we will achieve the goals, including an action plan with all of the steps towards achieving the objective. Within this strategy, we will identify the content pillars – where, how and when the content will be executed, as well as detailing all the processes within the account management.


I know we keep mentioning it as content is king, but our team can create scroll-stopping content that gets results. Graphics to videography and photography, we’ll ensure we present your brand at its best.

Account Management

Campaigns that deliver results require a highly organised process, and as a team of perfectionists we excel in every aspect through attentive management to execution.


We go in-depth to analyse every aspect of your journey on social media, expertly evaluating the data with maximum insight on your current situation. This will then be measured against the standards set in establishing your goals, and used to optimise your account to triumph the future trajectory.


To consistently get the best results and move towards achieving the goals we need to move the strategy forwards month-upon-month which is why we are constantly using the analysis to tweak the campaigns to perform at an optimum level. The ongoing analysis ensures we can make informed decisions to effectively target your market, stay relevant and fresh – maximising the return on investment.


As part of our service, we are with you every step of the way. As a full-service marketing agency, we can offer advice on the routes to take for a multi-channel marketing approach.

Why should you use social media for your business?

Year on year, statistics are demonstrating that more people are shifting away from the classic media outlets of the 20th century, and dedicating their time to using social media. Worldwide, roughly six BILLION people use their Facebook account to connect directly to their favourite small businesses, and 60% of Instagram users claim they have discovered AT LEAST one new product through the platform’s advertising capabilities, as well as TikTok emerging to disrupt the landscape.

As we move deeper into the first digital age, not taking advantage of what social media has to offer your business is increasingly a liability!

We’ve dived deeper into the main factors that demonstrate that social media is none negotiable, but a social media strategy done properly…


Compared to the other channels of digital marketing (as well as traditional marketing) your spending across social media will stretch much further, due to the varying platforms generally achieving the lowest cost per result. You can even use the platforms for free, organically. This makes social media a low-risk investment, that’s worth taking.

Customer Focused

Your presence can and should be a two-way stream of communication where you communicate with your audience, answer their questions and provide them with feedback. You can engage WITH people, rather than just talking at them!

Consumers should feel like they know you, merely by taking advantage of social media being social! This is completely unique from other channels of digital marketing, don’t ever forget that. Build a community of advocates, like Gymshark.


We know our statements are bold. So don’t just take it from us…
“Scott has managed to get our brand out there to more customers. We were then able to look after them, and have the best 12 months on record since starting the business. I would highly recommend SOS Marketing, and hopefully they can help you like they have helped us.”
“Scott approached us to help grow the business via creating sales leads from social media. 6 months in and SOS Marketing has delivered exactly that, producing extra revenue for the business. All that I can say is give SOS Marketing a chance. The results will speak for themselves.”
“Scott is amazing, SOS Marketing is amazing. They really saved the day for us. Brilliant, insightful and creative. Loved working with Scott and his team bringing our vision to life. We look forward to working on the rest of our marketing with this forward-thinking company.”





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