SEO is an investment, not a cost.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a process of improving the volume and quality of traffic that arrive at your website from search engines. It may seem obvious, but the closer to the top of page 1 a website appears on a search engine the more visitors it receives.

When your business organically appears at the top of page 1 on a search engine, you are implicitly shown to be the best fit for the search made by your potential customer, gaining you their trust. Moreover, your pole position at the top of the page demonstrates that you are one step ahead of your competition. SEO with SOS Marketing not only delivers results, but increases your credibility.

Unlike other more short-term channels of marketing, the work achieved by SEO is enduring and persistent even if direct work on it has ceased. That being said, an ongoing SEO journey is recommended – I mean, have you ever scrolled all the way to page 2 for a service that you thought was worthwhile?


Are you looking for a company for SEO?

At SOS Marketing we are specialists that can use our expertise to get you ranking on page 1 of Google, which will get the sales coming in day after day. We build activity bespoke to each client, because SEO is not a system but a skill, an art. It’s a long-term strategy, unlike other online marketing channels such as PPC which can be set-up and running to effect almost overnight. Our method is driven by converting visitors to customers: because what is a strategy without results?!

There is no one fit solution, as every industry has different specifications, and every website needs optimising in different ways. This is stipulated by their current search engine ranking, which is assessed after we undertake an audit as part of our service. Our dedicated team of experts know SEO inside out, and tirelessly keep on top of the algorithms so we can best use our knowledge to gain a competitive advantage for our clients. We tailor our packages to suit all budgets, so no matter if you are a start-up or a well-established SME, we can help.

When being approached by businesses, we often got told that their previous forays into SEO hadn’t seen results, and more often than not the actual details of the project were made murky and indistinct to them. We take a completely white-hat approach, delivering in-depth reports so you can follow and understand the progress that has been achieved each month, with the option to view live updates. We work with total transparency, making it clear where your money is being invested at all times.

Our goal is to work with you and ensure you profit from the success. So if you are looking to drive consistent high-quality traffic to your website and generate sales at an incredible rate, we have the knowledge and enthusiasm to become an invaluable extension to your crew.

We focus on two types of SEO

We specialise in two different kinds of SEO, which revolve around making your website optimally easy for algorithms to parse and reward for good practises. As a result, the search engine will show the website to more people, making it more relevant.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is the process of making your website more search engine friendly. Simply put, we ensure certain elements of your website so that search engines are able to understand the content and structure of your website better. The more information and data they can gather, the more likely you are to rank higher in their index. With our On-Site SEO, it focuses on optimising your entire website, whether that be on the front- or back-end.

Our main activity for On-Page SEO focuses on three areas:

  • Content – Ensuring your website is rich with content that matches your objectives for SEO, including all the relevant keywords.
  • Structure – Ensuring you have the correct layout, code and site maps.
  • Headings – Ensuring all of your pages and images have the correct titles and meta-data.

Beyond helping search engines interpret website content, On-Site SEO can also help users quickly and clearly understand whether the website addresses their search query.

Off-Site SEO: Backlinks including Digital PR

Off-Site SEO is the key to getting your site to page 1 of search engines. Our main activity for Off-Page SEO is focused upon building links – which is crucially important to how a search engine determines your ranking. We create links strategically, ensuring they are relevant and of high quality in order to maximise your position.

Who are SOS Marketing?

We’re not a big corporate agency where you will be lost in a sea of clients. We are personable, innovative and genuinely one-of-a-kind, intent on giving you a tailored approach that will drive your business forward.

Think of SOS Marketing as a helpful extension to your business, acting as your in-house team without any massive overheads.

How does your website rank?

Here are two useful tests that you can run on your website…

SEO Site Checkup = SEO Site Checkup gives your website a score out of 100, taking into account all of the ranking factors by search engines.

GT Metrix = GT Metrix allows you to test the loading speed of your website, which is an important factor in SEO.

However, there is much more to it than these simple tests. If you would like a fully comprehensive free audit, get in touch today by requesting a quote on the form below.




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