If you’re looking to achieve an upswing in sales from day one, PPC is the solution for you. Effective both in the short and long-term, through our extended and professional utilisation of Google Ads you could earn a colossal number of fresh eyes on your website.

PPC is a tried and tested method of driving revenue, by getting your business in front of the ideal customer through detailed targeting options. This approach is completely tailorable and can be adapted to any demographic or location, increasing profitability and providing a personal experience for your target audience.


As of 2020, search engines are where most customer journeys begin. Taking this into account and ensuring that your business appears at the very top of relevant Google searches is the most effective way to drive sales and spark a return-on-investment. But, not only that… through Google Ads you can advertise across the internet and with videos on YouTube, which we go into further down the page.

Are you looking to earn some instant sales and grow your business? If so, PPC is perfect for you.

Are you looking for a company for PPC?

We’re all about the conversion, not just the clicks. At SOS Marketing we are masters of PPC, and are looking to share our knowledge by creating new campaigns. Additionally, we are skilled at optimising pre-existing accounts to deliver more cost-effective results, and therefore accelerating sales.

We are constantly researching and adding to our understanding of the digital world, so we can pass on only the best practises. Keeping our PPC practises on the cutting edge means we can help you always beat your competitors to the punch, and achieve the highest possible ROAS.

We have experience producing PPC for both start-ups and scaling established brands, in an ongoing process that is constantly tracked and optimised. Each of our campaigns is crafted to reflect the best of your business and maximise the return on investment, which we make easy for you to follow in our comprehensive reports. We perform all the analysis so you don’t have to, showing you exactly where your money is being spent and the results achieved.

If you have a keen interest in the day-to-day progress, you may monitor your account in real-time. We believe total transparency is important, so we will take every opportunity to prove our competency while gaining your trust.

We work across all industries, so we are skilled in tailoring our services to your specific needs and requirements. We are confident that our help will scale your business, perhaps to levels you had not even imagined.

That being said, PPC can be expensive to get wrong which is why having an expert on the side is worth the investment. Our help and guidance will actually end up saving you money, rather than taking an undirected approach that could lead to more troubleshooting than increased total sales. Our experienced team includes ex-Google alumni… so who could be better to help you with PPC than the people who have been trained by the experts themselves? When you put your money in our hands you are investing in people who don’t just talk the talk, but help you walk the walk.

Types of PPC


Appearing at the top of search engines the moment a customer is searching.


Adverts displayed all over the internet to the right people through the detailed targeting options.


Turning browsers into buyers from the moment a customer searches for a product.


Google purchased YouTube in 2006 and since then they have monetised the platform with videos, to the delight of advertisers.

Who are SOS Marketing?

We’re not a big corporate agency where you will be lost in a sea of clients. We are personable, innovative and genuinely one-of-a-kind, intent on giving you a tailored approach that will drive your business forward.

Think of SOS Marketing as a helpful extension to your business, acting as your in-house team without any massive overheads.

The Process


At SOS Marketing we have our own tested and true techniques for maximising your investment in PPC. We take time to communicate with our clients about your objectives, and from there craft a unique strategy to meet them. We repeat this method with every one of our clients, meaning that every strategy and campaign is customised to reap the most reward, each and every time. Once we have ascertained what you want out of your PPC journey, we put time into researching your market and deciding on which keywords will be crucial to delivering results. From there we develop a comprehensive plan and put it into action. For some companies this would be the final step in a partnership, but we take it as a challenge to improve; we garner data from your campaign and use it to analyse what is effective and what can be streamlined to make your money go even further. Our tireless process of evaluation and optimisation is designed to do the most for you and your brand, making our PPC service enduringly valuable.

PPC can bring sales in from Day 1

Yes, you heard that right. We are not kidding. Day 1!

PPC is a type of paid advertising, so with the right targeting it can have an instant impact. This effectiveness does not wane over time, as opposed to SEO which can generally take time to have an effect. PPC can be an excellent strategy both on a continuing and short-term basis.

Remarketing, as part of PPC, is an effective type of advertising which focuses on converting web traffic into customers. This is achieved by delivering your adverts to former visitors of your website, which will often result in them returning to make a purchase. Statistics demonstrate that on average it takes 2-4 website visits before a sale, so remarketing is essential to a robust PPC strategy that can lead to immediate success.

With our dedicated team, we can get you set-up, running a campaign, and making money within a matter of weeks. Get in touch today by requesting a quote on the form below.


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