PPC cannot be ignored as the advert appears at the top of search engines the moment a customer is searching!

PPC also allows for adverts to be seen across the internet by the right people, through the display network.

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PPC is a proven method to drive revenue as you can reach the right potential customers through the detailed targeting options specific to your industry and target markets.

PPC allows for a tailored approach, adaptable to the audience and location. This drives profitability and provides a personal experience for your target audience.

SOS Marketing can help you master PPC by creating new campaigns or optimising existing accounts to deliver better results. We are always brushing up on our knowledge and keeping on top of best practices in order to beat your competitors to the punch.

During the process we are constantly optimising campaigns, ensuring the return on investment is maximised. With our analysis we pull together reports making it simple, so you know exactly where your money is being spent and the results that are being achieved.

Our experience team have previously worked for Google, which means you are putting your money in the hands of people who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.

We are experts in Google Adwords, so let us make you instantly appear at the top of Google and make you sales from day 1!

Types of PPC


Appearing at the top of search engines the moment a customer is searching.


Adverts displayed all over the internet to the right people through the detailed targeting options.


Turning browsers into buyers from the moment a customer searches for a product.

The Process


Social Media



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