In such a digital-driven climate, can you really afford to not be maximising the opportunities on social media?

More and more internet users are shifting to their mobile phones as the primary way of researching and purchasing online. No need to panic though as SOS Marketing is ready, willing and able to help YOU rise to the forefront.

And that means breaking from the pack – not just replicating what other companies are doing. A carefully planned strategy is crucial to success on social media, completely tailored to what your customers want.


Are you looking for a company for social media in Leeds?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for success across social media. We support businesses across multiple sectors and for each individual brand we take a unique approach, using our experience and expertise to craft a bespoke strategy that captures the imagination and attention of your target market.

SOS Marketing specialises in establishing you a presence on social media that takes you outside of the box and into the spotlight with our creative and innovative original content. Our sharp sense of trends and discourse ensures that all of our campaigns feel fresh and of the moment, attracting shrewd customers who will keep coming back.

We prioritise a savvy mindset that will maximise your online growth again and again. Our team of experts will build a strategy that delivers results, no matter what service you invest in.

Paid Advertising

We build strategies that gets your advertisement in front of your desired target market, whether for the purposes of general awareness, to increase sales or drive brand loyalty. Our track record demonstrates that we are consistently maximising the return on ad spend and delivering the best possible cost per result.

Content Marketing

We are not active for our clients just for the sake of being activity and ticking a box. We deliver premium content on your channels, with the right message and at the ideal time for your target market. Finding the sweet spot is where we are champions!

Growing Followers

We are specialists in growing your following, and can expand the engagement of your accounts by thousands of followers within months. This generates a much higher likelihood of gaining the attention of your ideal customers, who previously may have not been aware of your business. Attracting these followers gives you the chance to establish a relationship with them as individuals and nurture them into customers.

Specialised Consultancy

SOS Marketing is comprised of a team of experts in social media, with THE knowledge and experience to pass on to those looking to drive their business forward in this digital age.


Stoneacre Properties

With our support, Stoneacre Properties have grown their business by a third in over just three years. They were awarded with ‘The Best Small Residential Agent for 2019’ at Yorkshire Residential Property Awards. (With one of the key factors cited in their nomination and awarding of this accolade as their forward-thinking approach in regards to social media.)

Windsor Interiors

The extra customer enquiries translating into sales generated by the paid advertising on social media has cumulated into a 4,817% return on their investment. In the words of company owner, when it comes to our digital media advertisement: “the results will speak for themselves!”.

Bespoke Eyewear

Being able to engage visually with the product and emotionally with the brand are the two most important things on social media. With this in mind we worked with Bespoke Eyewear to build them a presence that is embedded in telling the story of an independent company, which is breaking the mould of mainstream chain opticians.

Who are SOS Marketing?

We’re not a big corporate agency where you will be lost in a sea of clients. We are personable, innovative and genuinely one-of-a-kind, intent on giving you a tailored approach that will drive your business forward.

Think of SOS Marketing as a helpful extension to your business, acting as your in-house team without any massive overheads.

How do we do it?


At SOS Marketing we have a tried and true process of bringing you to the forefront of social media. We design a bespoke strategy for every client we take onboard, taking into account your target market, brand and objectives. Once we have developed a comprehensive plan, we waste no time in executing your refreshed identity across social media. Some agencies would call that the end of the service, but at SOS Marketing we are perfectionists and see that as only the start. We will garner data from your new and improved social media account activities and analyse it through reporting, so we can ensure your presence is optimised to do the most for your brand.

What do you get with our social media in Leeds?


We are experts in creating content, from graphics to videography and photography we will give your followers something stunning to look at which presents your brand at its best.


Crafting a unique strategy for your business is only the first step and from there we will track the effectiveness of the plan we have implemented. To keep them sharp we constantly subject our projects to frank reviews, so we are continuously taking steps towards your individual objective. Doing it this way ensures we stay don’t ever steer away from the overall goal(s).


We always take the time to be aware of what your competition are doing, From this we then analyse how we can work to destabilise the market place to your advantage.


Our experience in managing your account will ensure an efficient process, while delivering the maximum return on investment. We are always looking for ways to expand and improve your presence through optimisation, with our sharp and original approach.


Successful campaigns require a highly organised process, which we excel in every aspect of. From creating and conceptualising the campaign to preparing the content and ensuring they are released to sustain, through attentive management. We also continuously tweak and optimise our campaigns, to make sure it reaches the right people, stays relevant and fresh – ensuring our clients get the best return on their investment.


We can help you discover new insights and information about your customer base and ideal target market through extensive and continuous research. This means we get to completely understand how to most effectively market to your ideal audience.


We offer in-depth information on every aspect of your journey through social media, and can expertly interpret and evaluate this data to give you maximum insight on your current and future trajectory online.


As an independent agency, we are in a great position to advise you and your company on the best route to take in your social media and holistic marketing strategy.

Why should you use social media for your business?

Year on year, statistics are demonstrating that more people are shifting away from the classic media outlets of the 20th century, and dedicating their time to using social media. Worldwide, roughly six BILLION people use their Facebook account to connect directly to their favourite small businesses, and 60% of Instagram users claim they have discovered AT LEAST one new product through the platform’s advertising capabilities.

As we move deeper into the first digital age, not taking advantage of what social media has to offer your business is increasingly a liability and there are specific factors you should take into account:

Customer Focused

It’s insane how so many people don’t take advantage of social media and how it offers this unique point of view from other channels of digital marketing.

Your presence should represent a two-way stream of communication where you can communicate to your customers, answer their questions and provide them with feedback.

Engage WITH people rather than just talking at them. Make consumers feel like they know you. Build a community.

Social Media is about being social, don’t ever forget that!


Through the channels of social media, you can assess the key metrics from each campaign to see exactly how your advertisements are performing and whether you are gaining a return on investment.

Statistics demonstrate that around 40% of businesses don’t track their social media at all, which means there’s no easy way of knowing whether or not your strategy is working. In our eyes, this is completely baffling! Success is there ready to be unlocked, so put the extra time in to analyse your performance. Understanding your audience and what makes them tick is key to success.

The Most Cost-Effective Channel of Marketing

Compared the other channels of digital marketing (as well as the traditional marketing) your sending across social media will stretch much further due to the cost per result.

This makes it a low-risk investment that is worth taking.





There’s only one answer.

SOS Marketing.

You can count on us. We get results.