Rather than taking our word for it, here are some real examples of brands that we have created from scratch, or re-designed into a fresh experience. This change in visual identity directly boosts sales and brand recognition.


Hope Psychic


Redwing Properties


The Event World


Good Night Sleeptight


More Than Just Makeup


S9 Construction


Prestige Garden&Landscaping Services

Logo for Prestige Garden&Landscaping Services


Logo for VUSU


“Scott is amazing, SOS Marketing is amazing. They really saved the day for us. Brilliant, insightful and creative. Loved working with Scott and his team bringing our vision to life. SOS Marketing delivered everything we wanted. We look forward to working on our marketing campaign with this forward-thinking company.”

Joanne Stainforth – Managing Director of Hope Psychic

There’s only one answer.

SOS Marketing.

You can count on us. We get results.