Hope Psychic offers detailed personal psychic readings tailored to the customer in content and accessibility - at home or on the go. Hope Psychic’s services are always available by telephone or instant messaging.

Hope Psychic Home

To accommodate the large-scale market launch of Hope Psychic, SOS Marketing were
contracted to create a website that fulfilled the many functional needs of a new company,
whilst also committing to vividly conveying their unique brand image. In terms of optics, we
utilised a bold colour palette of purple, gold and white- regal with a modern twist- to give an
immediate impression of the company’s ethos of providing high-quality, professional,
personal and exclusive magical services.

We ensured that all the most important information is available at a glance, and that the
website is clearly sign-posted with call to actions and easy to navigate for any prospective client who has more specific queries about Hope Psychic. The website embodies the premium aesthetic tastes of Hope Psychic, whilst also being a helpful source of practical information about the business and its ethos, including a comprehensive overview of the tarot-reading, mediumship and astrology services they offer.

Following on from the website, SOS Marketing will now be continuing the relationship by launching Hope Psychic to market with a multi-channel marketing strategy.

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