Hope Psychic was founded by celebrity medium Joanna Hope, and offers detailed personal psychic readings tailored to the customer in content and accessibility- at home or on the go. Hope Psychic’s services are always available by telephone or instant messaging.

Hope Psychic contacted SOS Marketing to develop a logo for their business. We took their brief and worked it into a set of designs that spoke equally to both sides of their brand: evocative of magical and ancient wisdom, alongside their modern approach and celebrity clientele. We centralised a cultivating a distinctive style, predominantly based around building recognition for the brand name and incorporating the business’ otherworldly nature.

1. Sketching A Variety Of Concepts

Sketching A Variety of Logos

2. Drafting Multiple Concepts

Drafting Multiple Concepts of Logos

3. Refining The Concepts

hope psychic logo.v2

4. Adapting The Elements

hope psychic logo.v3

5. Further Adaptations

hope psychic logo.v4

6. The Logo

hope psychic logo.v6

We presented a varied set of designs around this theme, and then homed in on what the client liked best about their favourite proposed logos. Subsequently, we refined these designs and diversified around the values of intricacy and symmetry that best spoke to the brand. This process begot a solid front runner that best embodied the spirit of magic, exclusivity and luxury that characterises Hope Psychic. We then tweaked aspects of the design to make it more streamlined and appropriate to the kind of premium service that Hope Psychic offers, making it more rounded and aesthetically pleasing. Eventually, we moved away from the concept of wings into a more subtle rendering, of a crest made up of delicate whorls and intricate symbolism.

The final product is both ethereal and professional, ideally suited to a unique business venture like Hope Psychic.

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