Greasy Pig are a quirky café built upon providing tasty all-day breakfasts. Voted as Leeds’s number one hangover spot, they are not your typical greasy spoon. At SOS Marketing we were given free rein to create a quirky campaign for pancake day and boy did we go to town! We introduced an offer that led with ‘all you can eat pancakes’.

We needed to reach the local target market to popularize this deal, thus launching a campaign on social media to advertise the yearly feast. This campaign facilitated us to offer our videography services, creating a distinct slow-motion video which was the centre piece of the advertising. We also spent a day capturing the pancake delights, which created a gallery of content for use throughout the campaign. The video speaks for itself, tempting the viewer into ordering from Greasy Pig!


When meeting with our client we were allocated a budget of £75 to spend on paid advertising. This small budget, but mighty campaign highlighted how you don’t need to spend the earth to get results. Facebook saw a cost per result of 1p, reaching just short of 7,000 people and Instagram ended on a cost per result of £0.004, resulting in a reach of 22,244 people! Being savvy, knowing your target audience and having a strong message helped Greasy Pig to sell over 700 Pancakes as they battled to keep up with the demand!


Campaigns are fun, especially when they involve unlimited pancakes!

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