Good Night Sleeptight are a company with over 120 years of knowledge and experience in providing bespoke quality products for the bedroom, from beds and mattresses to bedroom furniture, at fair and affordable prices. They have stores in Leeds and Doncaster, but despite their prestigious history have struggled to generate digital enquiries.

We identified the problem in their lack of accessible online information: their previous website was a minefield of broken links, alignment issues, poor quality images, mis-sized banners, and all the other tell-tale signs of a website in serious need of professional help!
goodnight before goodnight after
Thanks to our assistance, their new website is visually polished and professional, representing the business as it deserves to be seen. Besides offering more information than ever before, the website is now intuitive to navigate, user-friendly and filled with images of their products to pique the interest of any online customer browsing for a better bedroom.


Besides these cosmetic changes to the website, we also optimised the performance and visibility of the website to the greatest extent possible. We increased the search engine optimization (SEO) from a score of 78/100 to 94/100, as well as recommending other changes that we did not have the authority to make but could be utilised to bring it up to a perfect 100/100. We took appropriate action to reduce the loading speed of the webpage from 10.2 to 7.5 seconds, but also identified that the server of the website could be improved to better this score.


These drastic changes to the internal and external structure of the website have made using it an enjoyable and modern experience, which translates to greater digital traffic and more customers.

goodnight before2 goodnight after2
goodnight before3 goodnight after3

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