SOS Marketing offers professional marketing strategic advice to help guide your business to its potential.

We are painstakingly familiar with the world of marketing and know how best to elevate any business, in any industry, to new heights of success. Whether you are looking for small tips to energize your campaign or a complete overhaul of your strategy, we are here to help.


Strong and well-informed strategic planning can make the world of difference when it comes to marketing, and luckily for you that is our speciality. Often an idea is only as powerful as the way it is executed; so when crafting your next marketing initiative, a robust strategy is just as crucial as creativity. Without a comprehensive plan, your campaign can become exponentially more difficult to manage than it should ever be.

Furthermore, by using our knowledge to make the most of your business decisions you can significantly improve your return on the investment. Let’s face it – marketing can be expensive, so it’s well worth making sure you are on the most effective course of action before you start signing on any dotted lines. The support of an expert can add so much value to a campaign, both in its implementation and outcome. With well-informed decisions, it accrues better results.

Our approach towards marketing strategy is driven by sharpness and originality, and it is proven to deliver results. That being said, the primary tack we take with our clients is leaning into our supportive nature. We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach, putting our client’s needs first and treating them as individuals, rather than being a number on a spreadsheet or a slot in a schedule. This attitude is part and parcel of our identity as an independent agency, driven by passion not profit.

We offer a range of option for consultancy, from one-off projects to retainers that operate on a monthly basis. Your initial consultation is completely free, and from there it is up to you to decide how much of our support you would like. We are only a few clicks away, so get in touch via the form below and we can discuss your goals, and how our expertise can ensure that you achieve them.




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