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Brand out from the crowd.

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There’s a lot of white noise out there. You’ve got to be loud enough, sharp enough and head turning-ly original to really get noticed.

Branding is more than a logo, it is a customer’s experience of your brand. It builds a sense of trust and likeability that resonates with customers. It has an impact on every element of your company, and it’s absolutely essential to market it.

Branding defines your meaning. Take for instance, the swoosh at Nike… without the name, the symbol instantly connects your mind to Nike. That is the power of branding. It creates recognition.

Unleash your marketing mojo with branding that’s bigger, bolder and better.

Our work speaks for itself...

Who are SOS Marketing?

SOS Marketing is a creative melting pot of knowledge and experience, with a no-nonsense approach in helping businesses thrive. And by thrive, we mean absolutely smash it.

Building relationships that last and providing support at every step of the digital journey; that’s what we’re all about.

We’re a fearless independent full-service digital marketing agency, bursting with energy. You won’t find any large corporate agency ego here, where you would be lost in a sea of clients. That means we can be the extension to your team that you need, without the in-house hassle.

Sharp – Original – Supportive. This is our big picture thinking.

How do we do it as specialists in branding?

Our structured, but wizardry process produces real results!

From the initial communication with you about how you want to be represented as a business, we will then take this information to compare it to the existing landscape of your industry. This then gives us the foundation for our brainstorming.

Once we have taken these steps towards a new vision, we set about integrating these concepts into a more concrete and holistic strategy. Branding is more than just a logo, it is a tool to be utilised that can have a tremendous impact on your business!

Once we have agreed with you precisely how we will develop your branding, we begin to design and create prototypes. We then tirelessly tweak, amend and even overhaul these creative prototypes until you find something that really clicks for you and your brand.

It’s a 5-step process:
Market Analysis including Competitors
Design & Creation

Branding is the cornerstone of your business’s unique identity.

When browsing for something online, do you ‘use a search engine’ or do you ‘Google it’? Brands have become so important and recognisable that they have replaced generic terms.

People love the security of brands. To the extent that other businesses like Bing are used more as punchlines than search engines.

What do you get with our branding?
Usually we include…




Colour Palette


Assets – To suit your requirements.

Document with Guidelines

But we can also include…




Tone of Voice

Looking for just a logo or something else? We realise there is no one-fit-solution, so get in touch by requesting a quote on the form below.

Why should you consider branding?


It Makes You Memorable

Creating an Identity

Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

Building Credibility

Building Trust

In terms of standing out amongst your competitors, branding is the best tool in your arsenal.

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We know our statements are bold. So don’t just take it from us…


We know our statements are bold. So don’t just take it from us…
Swimbrite Swimming School
“Scott was a pleasure to work with. He took on board everything I asked of him and has produced an amazing logo which he adapted for both my existing business and new venture. I have no hesitation in recommending SOS Marketing.”
“Scott is amazing, SOS Marketing is amazing. They really saved the day for us. Brilliant, insightful and creative. Loved working with Scott and his team bringing our vision to life. SOS Marketing delivered everything we wanted on our website. We look forward to working on our marketing campaign with this forward-thinking company.”
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