Branding is the cornerstone of your business’s unique identity. In terms of standing out amongst your competitors, it is the best tool in your arsenal and therefore should always be at the forefront of your mind.


Your branding should be the foundation of your company, built to represent who you are as a business and delineating how you want to be perceived. This means it should have its own distinctive and vivid personality, the beat to the heart of your business.

Branding is more than a logo, colours, symbols, fonts and tone of voice – it is a customer’s experience of your brand.

People are drawn to brands that they feel are appealing and trustworthy, so making your businesses voice loud and convincing as to why they should choose you is tantamount. This process begins before any sale has been initiated, so that when the time to make a purchase does roll around, they will choose you.

Branding defines your meaning- take for instance the iconic Nike swoosh. Without the name of the company even being invoked, that symbol is still recognisable and instantly connects your mind with the business itself. That is the power of branding. It creates the external face of you and your business, so being memorable is a must.

When browsing for something online, do you ‘use a search engine’ or do you ‘Google it’? Brands have becomes so important and recognisable that they have replaced the generic terms for similar products in our language. Because people love the security of brands, this creates a sense of loyalty between the company and its customers – to the extent that other businesses like Bing are used more as punchlines than search engines.

Branding has an impact on every element of your company, and is absolutely essential to marketing it. Without a strong sense of brand, marketing can fall flat because it fails to build that sense of trust and likeability that customers resonate with. At SOS Marking we know that crafting a unique brand is no easy feat, but with our creative team we will ensure that your new identity is second to none.



Rather than taking our word for it, here are some real examples of brands that we have created from scratch, or re-designed into a fresh experience. This change in visual identity directly boosts sales and brand recognition.

SOS Marketing
Due to our technical skills, we had no need to outsource creating our own branding! We focused on one strong colour theme, eye-catching and dynamic yet informative graphics, and capturing a tone that is both bold and personable. We achieve this through our direct and chatty copy, as well as utilising a font that is stylish but refreshingly simple.

Hope Psychic
We built the branding for Hope Psychic from the ground upwards, including, logo, symbols, colour palette and fonts. We wanted to capture all the different elements of the company’s mission within the branding, so took time to ensure that everything communicated a premium and professional service, as well as the glamour and mystery of an online psychic service.

Redwing Properties
When crafting the brand identity of Redwing Properties, we thought about how we would best convey their core values of quality workmanship and stylish design, while keeping the logo prestige with a look to the future. We decided on a combination of black and gold with accents and strident block characters to express the upmarket and dependable nature of the business. We also designed a logo to match the bird imagery evoked by the company name, intended to be as intricate and beautiful as the houses Redwing build!

Who are SOS Marketing?

We’re not a big corporate agency where you will be lost in a sea of clients. We are personable, innovative and genuinely one-of-a-kind, intent on giving you a tailored approach that will drive your business forward.

How do we do it?

Our process for crafting new branding material for companies produces real results. First of all we communicate with you about how you want to be represented to your customers. We take this information and compare it to the existing landscape of your industry, before brainstorming our first set of ideas. Once we have taken our first step towards a new branding vision, we set about integrating these concepts into a more concrete and holistic strategy. Branding is more than imagery, it is a tool to be utilised that can have a tremendous impact on your business. Once we have agreed with you how precisely we will use this branding to elevate your business, we begin to design and create prototypes. We tirelessly tweak, amend and even overhaul these creative prototypes until you find something that really clicks for you and your brand.


It’s a 5-step process:




Competitor Analysis






Design & Creation

What do you get with our branding?

Usually we include…

  • Logo
  • Symbol
  • Imagery
  • Colour Palette
  • Fonts
  • Assets – To suit your requirements.
  • Document with Guidelines

But we can also include…

  • Name
  • Strapline
  • Values
  • Tone of Voice

Looking for just a logo or something else? We realise there is no one-fit-solution, so get in touch by requesting a quote on the form below.

Why should you consider branding?


It Makes You Memorable

Creating an Identity

Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

Building Credibility

Building Trust

Testimonials for branding in Leeds

We are experts in what we do. We have helped tones of companies to grow their business with our branding.

If you like what we do and want to transform your branding or launch your company with a brand that will make an impression, then get in touch today by requesting a quote on the form below.

“Scott is amazing, SOS Marketing is amazing. They really saved the day for us. Brilliant, insightful and creative. Loved working with Scott and his team bringing our vision to life. SOS Marketing delivered everything we wanted on our website. We look forward to working on our marketing campaign with this forward-thinking company.”

Hope Psychic

Website Design



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