Allied 4 Vans are a company based in Castleford, and one of the largest suppliers of new and used vans in the UK.

The Challenge

  • To bring a new angle of leads, while reducing the monthly spend with Auto Trader.
  • To own the local area, dominating the hire market.


The Process

We developed a strategy for them that prioritised high-impact paid advertising, but also diversified into weekly content marketing. Our paid advertising campaign focused on introducing new customers to their vehicle leasing and hire services, as well as taking the opportunity to nurture recurring enquiries from previous customers with the data we had available to us.

On a weekly basis individual campaigns were introduced, each centring around specific vehicles that were on offer at Allied 4 Vans. Some examples of additional campaigns we launched are Renault’s extensive range of vans, including, ‘Low Loaders’, ‘Curtain Siders’, ‘Dropsides’ and more, as well as ‘Ford Campers’. We took a strategic approach to all of the targeting. For the range of Renault’s we focused our campaign towards targeting different industries depending on the type of the van and with The Ford Campers we targeted these particular advert was directed to seasonal campers, in order to best access our target market.



Over eleven weeks, the following of Allied 4 Vans’ Facebook page ballooned by 356%. This phenomenal growth demonstrates the successful implementation of our high-pressure strategy, designed to meet the vision and objectives of the managing director at Allied 4 Vans.

One sponsor for vehicle leasing achieved a cost per link click of 30p, achieving 993 link clicks from an expenditure of just £300.

The individual campaigns were incredibly impactful, on Facebook. ‘Ford Camper’ achieved 3p per result, reaching 40,662 and engaging with 3,689 people for the price of £100.

By using our expertise in finding people with relevant specific interests and leading them to products that meet those niche needs, we secured weekly sales and hires for Allied 4 Vans.

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